CREDIT: Andy Rash at iotacons.blogspot.com

George Washington: Fine, if no one’s gonna say anything, I’ll start.
John Adams: Okay, how do we do this thing?
Thomas Jefferson: Knock down that wall over there.
James Madison: We’re gonna need some money. And get those British out of here.
James Monroe: Hell, get all the Europeans out of here.
John Quincy Adams: But leave Europe alone. Let’s just build some roads and focus on our own shit.
Andrew Jackson: With no crap from the States, okay? And get those Indians out of here!
Martin Van Buren: Sounds good to me!
William Henry Harrison: I have to go lie down for a bit.
John Tyler: He’s what? Holy crap! Oh, and knock down that wall over there, too.
James K. Polk: Knock down that wall, as well. And get some slaves in there.
Zachary Taylor: Is that a good idea? We should probably chill on that.
Millard Fillmore: Yeah, looks like there’s a fight breaking out about the slaves. And get those Mexicans out of here.  
Franklin Pierce: Crap, it’s getting worse.
James Buchanan: Nah, it’s all good. Uh oh. HEY! CUT THE SHIT!
Abraham Lincoln: I… have had… just about enough… of this. Hang on.
Andrew Johnson: Yeah! And stay down! Black people, we’ll be getting to you in a second.
Ulysses S. Grant: Hey, someone should probably clean up all this loose money lying around.
Rutherford B. Hayes: Yeah, and clean up the government while they’re at it, ULYSSES.
James Garfield: Right! The first step is to – OW!
Chester A. Arthur: I got this. Black people, we’ll be getting to you in a moment. Get those Chinese out of here.
Grover Cleveland: Silver or Gold? What do you think?
Benjamin Harrison: Um. I don’t know.
Grover Cleveland: Silver or Gold? What do you think?
William McKinley: Doesn’t matter. Let’s just make that paper! We’ll need some other countries, too, and – OW!
Theodore Roosevelt: Yes on the other countries, but fuck these corporations.  
William Howard Taft: Fuck ’em hard! Black people, we’ll be getting to you in a moment.
Woodrow Wilson: We don’t need gold or silver. Or war. BRB WAR
Warren G. Harding: Now that that’s over, let’s make that money.
Calvin Coolidge: Hells yes money. Fat dollars.
Herbert Hoover: Crazy, crazy money and — oh shit!
Franklin D. Roosevelt: I got this. And fuck Hitler. Get those Japanese out of here.
Harry S. Truman: Well, just fuck Japan, period.
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Isn’t everything awesome?
John F. Kennedy: Let’s see if we can’t get that to be awesome for everybody. OW!
Lyndon B. Johnson: Let’s do this! A modern Utopia! BRB WAR
Richard Nixon: Hey, y’all can have whatever y’all want, long as I’m King.
Gerald Ford: They are so not into the King thing.
Jimmy Carter: Yes, instead we need honest, badly-run govern-
Ronald Reagan: FUCK POOR PEOPLE!
George H. W. Bush: What he said.
Bill Clinton: Hey, y’all can have whatever y’all want, long as I get laid.
George W. BushYou know, if we dismantled all this, we could probably get a good price for it.
Barack Obama: Let’s leave ’em this… and this.